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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 30

2 a Because thei shulde be assured and their posteritie confirmed in the hope of this deliuerance promised.

5 b He sheweth that before that this deliuerance shal come, the Caldeans shulde be extremely afflicted by their enemies and that they shulde be in suche perplexitie & sorow as a woman in her trauail, as {Isa. 13, 8}

7 c Meaning, that the time of their capitiitie shulde be grieuous.

8 e Of the King of Babylon.

8 f To wit, of Jaakob.

9 g That is, Messiah, which shulde come of the stocke of Dauid, according to the flesh and shulde be the true pastor, as {Ezek. 34, 23}. who is set forth and his kingdome that shulde be euerlasting in the persone of Dauid, {Hos. 3, 5}

12 i Meaning, that no man is able to finde out a meane to deliuer them, but that it must be the worke of God.

14 k The Assyrians & Egyptians whome thou didest enterteine with giftes, who left thee in thine affliction.

16 l Herein is commended Gods great mercie toward his, who doeth not destroye them for their sinnes, but correct and chastise them, til he haue purged & pardoned them, & so burneth the roddes by the which he did punish them, {Isa. 33,1}.

16 ! And comforteth the Church.

18 m Meaning, that the citie and the Temple shulde be restored to their former states.

19 n He sheweth how the people shal with praise and thankesgiuing acknowledge this benefite.

21 o Meaning, Zerubbabel, who was the figure of Christ, in whome this was accomplished.

21 p Signifying, that Christ doeth willingly submit him self to the obedience of God his Father.

23 q Lest the wicked hypocrites shulde flatter them selues with these promises, the Prophet sheweth what shalbe their portion.