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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 29

1 ! Jeremiah writeth vnto them that were incaptiuitie in Babylon.

1 / Or, lettre.

1 a For some dyed in the way.

7 e The Prophet speaketh not this for the affection that he bare to the tyrant, but that thye shulde pray for the commune rest, and quietnes, that their troubles might not be increased, and that they might with more pacience and lesse grief waite for the time of their deliuerance, which God had appointed moste certeine: for els not onely the Israelites, but all the worlde, yea & the insensible creatures shulde rejoyce when these tyrants shulde be destroyed, as Isa. {14, 4}

10 ! He prophecieth their returne after seuentie yeres.

13 f When your oppression shalbe great, & your afflictions cause you to repent your disobedience, & also when the seuentie yeres of your captiuitie shalbe expired. {2 Chr. 36, 22}, {ezra. 1, 1} {Chap. 25, 10}, {dan. 9, 2}.

16 ! He prophecieth the destruction of the King and of the people that remaine in Jerusalem.

17 h Whereby he assureth them, that there shalbe no hope of returning before the time appointed.

17 i According to he comparison, {Chap. 24, 1}.

21 ! He threateneth the prophetes that seduce the people.

22 m Because thei gaue the people hope of spedy returning.

23 u Which was adulterie, and falsifying the worde of God.

26 o Shemaiah the false prophet flattereth Zephaniah the chief Priest, as thogh God had giuen him the spirit and zeale of Jehoiada to punish whosoeuer trespaced against the worde of God, of the which wolde haue made Jeremiah one, calling him a rauer & a false prophet.

32 p He & his sede shalbe destroied, so that none of them shulde se the benefite of this deliuerance.