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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 28

1 a When Jeremiah begain to beare these bondes and yokes.

1 b After that the land had rested as {Leu. 25, 1}, {deu. 15, 1}

5 d He was so estemed, thogh he was a false Prophet.

6 e That is, I wolde with the fame for Gods honour, & welthe of my people, but he hathe appointed the contrarie.

8 f Meaning, that the Prophetes that did ether denounce warre or peace, were tyred ether true or false by the successe of their prophecies. Albeit God maketh to come to passe sometime that which the false prophet speaketh, to trye the faith of his, {Deut. 13,3}

10 g This declareth the impudencie of the wicked hirelings, which haue no zeale to the trueth, but are led with ambition to get the fauour of men, & therefore can not abide any, that might discredit them, but burst forthe into rages, and contrarie to their owne conscience, passe not what lies they report, or how wickedly they do so that thei many main teine their esteimation.

12 ! Jeremiah reproueth Hananiah and prophecieth.

14 i Signifying, that all shulde be his, as {Dan. 2,38}.

17 k Seing this thing was euident in the eyes of the people, and yet they returned not to the Lord, it is manifest, that miracles can not moue vs nether the worde it self, except God touche our hearts.