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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 27

1 a As touching the disposition of these prophecies, they that gathered them into a booke, did not altogether obserue the order of times, but did set some afore, which shulde be after, and contrarie wise: which if the reader marke wel, it shal avoide many doutes, & make the reading much more easy.

1 ! Jeremiah at the commandment of the Lord sendeth bondes to the King of Judah and to the other Kings that were nere, whereby thei are monished to be subjects vnto Nebuchad-nezzar.

2 b By suche signes the Prophetes vsed from times to confirme their prophecies, which not withstanding they colde not do of them selues, but inasmuche as they had a reuelation for the same, {Isa. 20,2}, and therefore the false prophetes to get more credit did vse also suche visible signes, but they had no reuelation, {2 King 22,11}.

7 d Meaning, Enilmerodach, and his sonne Belshazar.

7 e They shal bring him, and his kingdome in subjection, as {Chap. 25, 14}.

9 ! He warneth the people & the Kings & rulers that thei beleue not false Prophetes.

16 f Which were taken when Jeconiah was led captiue into Babel.

18 g For it was not onely the Prophetes office to shewe the worde of God, but also to pray for the sinnes of the people, {Gen. 20, 7}. Which these colde not do because they had no expresse worde: for God had pronounced contrarie.

22 h That is, for the space of seuentie yeres, til I haue caused the Medes and Perisans to ouercome the Caldeans.