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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 32

1 ! Jeremiah is cast into prison because he prophecied that the citie shulde be take of the King of Babylon

1 a So that Jeremiah had now prophecied from the thittenth yere of Josiah vnto the last yere saue one of Zedekiahs reigne, which was almost fourtie yeres.

5 b Til I take Zedekiah awaie by death: for he shal not dye by the sworde, as {Chap. 34, 4}

7 d Because he was next of the kinred, as {Ruth 4,4}.

7 ! He sheweth, that the people shulde come againe to their owne possession.

7 / Or, right to redeme it.

7 c Whereby was ment that the people shulde returne againe out of captiuitie and enjoye their possessions & vineyardes, as {ver. 15 & 44}.

8 e Of the possession of the Leuites read, {Leu. 25, 32}.

9 f Which mounteth to of our money, about ten shilings six pence, if this shekel were the commune shekel, read {Gen. 23, 15} for the shekel of the Temple was of double value & ten pieces of siluer were half a shekel: for twentie made the shekel.

11 g According to the custome the instrument or evidence was sealed vp with the commune seale, and a copie thereof remained, which conteined the same in effect, but was not so authentical as the other, but was left open to be sene if any thing shulde be called into dout.

14 h And so to hide them in the grounde, that thei might be preserued as a token of their deliuerance.

18 i Because the wicked are subject to the curse of God he sheweth, that their posteritie, which by nature are vnder this malediction, shalbe punished bothe for their owne wickednes & that the iniquitie of their fathers, which is likewise in them, shal be also reuenged of their head.

20 k Meaning, that his miracles in deliuering his people, shulde neuer be forgotten.

24 l The worde signifieth anie thing that is cast vp as a mount or rampart, and is also vsed for ingines of warre, which were layed on an hie place to shoot into a citie, before that gonnes, were in vse.

27 m That is, of euerie creature: who as thei are his worke, so doeth he gouerne and guide them as pleaseth him, whereby he sheweth that as he is the autor of this their captiuitie for their sinnes, so will be for his mercies be their redemer to retore them againe to libertie.

30 n From the time, that I broght them out of Egypt, & made them my people, & called them my first borne.

33 o Read, {Prou. 1, 23. isa 65, 2. chap. 7, 13 and 19, 7 & 25, 3 & 16, 5 & 29, 19}.

35 p That is, the altars, which were made to offer sacrifice vpon to their idoles.

35 q Read. {Chap. 7, 30} {2 King. 21, 4}.

35 r Read, {2 Kin. 16, 3}.

38 ! The people of God are his seruants and he is their Lord.

39 t One consent and one religion, as {Ezek. 11, 19, & 39, 27}

44 x This is the declaration of that, which was spoken, {ver. 8}.