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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 17

1 a The remembrance of their contempt of God can not passe, albeit for a time he deferre the punishement for it shalbe manifest to men & Angels.

1 ! The frowardnes of the Jewes.

1 c Your sinnes appeare in all the altars that you haue erected to idoles.

1 b In stead of the Law of God, thei haue writen idolatrie & all abominations in their heart.

2 d Some read, So that their children remember their altars that is follow their fathers wickednes.

3 e Zion that was my mountaine, shal now be left as a wastfield.

4 f Because thou woldest not giue the land rest at such times, dayes, & yeres as I appointed, thou shalt here after be caried away, & it shal rest for lacke of laborers.

5 ! Cursed by those that put their confidence in man.

5 g The Jewes were giuen to worldelie policies, & thoght to make them selues strong by the friendship of the Egyptians, {Isa. 31, 3} and strangers, & in the meane season did not depend on God, & therefore he denounceth Gods plagues against them, shewing that they preferre corruptible man to God, which is immortal, {Isa. 2, 22}, {chap. 48, 6}

9 i Because the wicked haue euer some excuse to defend their doing, he sheweth, that their owne lewde imaginations deceiue them, & bring them to these inconueniences: but God will examine their dedes by the malice of their hearts, {1 Sam 16, 7, 1 Chro 28, 9, Psal. 7, 10, chap. 11, 20 & 30, 12, reuel. 2, 23}

11 k As the partriche by calling gathereth others, which forsake her when they se that she is not their dam: so the couetous man is forsaken of his riches, because he cometh by them falsely.

12 l Shewing that the goldie oght to glorie in nothing, but in God: who doeth exalt his, and hathe left a signe of his fauour in his Temple.

13 m Their names shal not be registred in the boke of life.

13 ! The liuing waters are forsaken.

14 n He desireth God to preferue him that he fall not into tentation considering the great contempt of Gods worde, & multitude that fall from God.

15 o The wicked say that my prophecie shal not come to passe because thou deferrest the time of vengeance.

16 p I am assured of my vocation, and therefore, knowe that the thing which thou speakest by me, shal come to passe, & that I speake not of any worldelie affection.

17 q How soeuer the wicked deale rigorously with me, yet let me finde comfort in thee.

19 s Where as thy doctrine may be best vnderstand both of hie and lowe.

21 t By naming the Sabbath day, he comprehendeth the thing, that is thereby signified: for if they transgressed in the ceremonie, they must nedes by culpable of the rest, read {Exo. 20, 8}, and by the breaking of this one commandment, he maketh them transgressors of the whole Lawe, for as the first and second table are conteined herein.