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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 18

2 ! God sheweth by the example of a potter, that it is in his power to destroie the dispicers of his worde.

4 a As the potter hathe power ouer the clay to make what pot he wil, or to breake them, when he hathe made them: so haue I power ouer you to do with you as semeth good to me, {Isa. 45, 9}. {wisd 15, 7}, {rom. 9, 20}.

8 b When the Scripture attributeth repentance vnto God, it is not that he doeth contrary to that which he hathe ordeined in his secret counsel: but when he trhreateneth, it is a calling to repentance, and when he giueth man grace to repent , the threatening (which euer conteineth a condition in it) taketh no place: and this the Scripture calleth repentance in God, because it so appeareth to mans judgement.

12 c As men that had no remorce, but were altogether bent to rebellion and to their owne self wil.

14 d As no man that hath thirst, refuseth fresh conduit waters which he hathe at home, to go and seke waters abroad o quench his thirst: so they oght not to seke for helpe & succour at strangers and leaue God which was present with them.

15 e That is, the way of trueth, which God had taught by his Law, read {chap. 6, 16}

17 f I wil shewe mine angre & not my fauour toward them.

18 ! The conspiracie of the Jewes against Jeremiah.

18 g This argument the wicked haue euer vsed against the seruants of God, The Church can erre: we are the Church, and therefore whosoeuer speaketh against vs, they oght to dye, {1 King. 22, 24, chap. 7, 4 & 20, 2. mala. 2, 4}, and thus the false Church persecuteth the true Church which standeth not in outward pompe, and in multitude, but is knowen by the graces of the holie Gost.

18 h Let vs sclander him, and accuse him: for we shalbe beleued.

21 i Seing the obstinate malice of the aduersaries, which grewe daiely more & more, the Prophet being moued with Gods Spirit, without any carnal affection praieth for their destruction, because he knew that it shulde tend to Gods glorie: & profite of his Church.