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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 16

2 ! The Lord forbidding Jeremiah to marie, sheweth him what shulde be the afflictions upon Judah.

2 a Meaning, that the affliction shulde be so horrible in Jerusalem, that wife, and children shulde but increase his sorowe.

5 b Signifying that the affliction shulde be so great that one shulde not haue leasure to comfort another.

6 c That is, shulde not rent their clothes in signe of mourning.

7 d For in these great extremities all consolation & comfort shalbe in vaine.

10 e Because the wicked are alwaies rebellious and dissemble their owne sinnes, & murmur against Gods judgements as thogh he had no just cause to punish them, he sheweth him what to answer.

15 f Signifying the benfite of their deliuerance out of Babylon shulde be so great, that it shulde abolish the remembrance of their deliuerance from Egypt: but he hathe here chiefly respect to the spiritual deliuerance vnder Christ.

15 ! Their deliuerance.

16 g By the fishers and hunters are ment the Babylonians and Caldeans who shulde destroy them in such sort that if they escape the one, the other shulde take them.

18 h That is their sonnes & daughters, which they offred to Molech.

19 i He wondereth at the great mercie of God in this deliuerance, which shal not onely extend to the Jewes, but also the Gentiles.

19 k Our fathers were most vile idolaters: therefore it cometh onely of Gods mercie, that he performeth his promes, & hathe not vtterly cast vs of.

19 ! The calling of the Gentiles.

21 l They shal once againe fele my power, & mercie for their deliuerance, that thei may learne to worship me.