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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 13

4 a Because this riuer Periath or Euphrates was farre from Jerusalem, it is eiudent, that this was a vision, whereby was signified that the Jewes shulde passe ouer Euphrates to be captiues, in Babylon & therefor length of time shulde seme to be rotten: althogh they were joyned to the Lord before as a girdle about a man.

11 ! Why Israel was receiued to be the people of God, and why they were forsaken.

12 b Euerie one of you shalbe filled with spiritual drunkenes, and be without all knowledge to seke how to helpe your selues.

14 c It shalbe as easie for me to destroye the greatest and the strongest, as it is for a man to break earthen bottels.

16 d That is, affliction & miserie by the Babylonians, {Isa. 8, 22}

16 e Meaning, for helpe and support of the Egyptians

17 f You shal surely be led away captiue & I, acording to mine affection toward you, shal wepe, and lament for your stubbernes.

18 g For Jehoiachin, & his mother rendred them selues by Jeremiahs counsel to the King of Babylon, {2 King. 24, 12}.

19 h That is, of Judah which lieth Southward from Babylon.

20 i He asketh the King, where his people is become.

21 k By seking to strangers for helpe thou hast made them skilful to fight against thee.

22 l Thy cloke of hypocrisie shal be pulled of and thy shame sene.

26 m As thine iniquities haue bene manifest to all the worlde: so shal thy shame, & punishment.

27 n He compareth idolaters to horses inflamed after mares.

27 o There is no place so hie nor lo, where as the markes and signes of thine idolatrie appeare not.