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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 12

1 ! The Prophet marueleth at the prosperitie of the wicked, althogh he confesse God to be righteous.

1 a The prophet confesseth God to be juste in all his doings, althogh man be not able to giue a reason of all his actes

1 b This question hathe bene alway a great tentation to the godlie, to se the wicked enemies of God in prosperitie, as {Job 21, 7. Psal. 37, 1. 73, 1. Haba. 1, 3}.

2 c They professe God in mouthe, but denie him in heart, which is here ment by the reines, {Isa. 29, 13}, {Mat. 15, 8}.

3 d The Ebrewe worde is Sanctifie them, meaning, that God wolde be sanctified in the destruction of the wicked, to whome God for a while giueth prosperitie, that afterwarde they shulde the more fele his heauy judgement whenthey lacek their riches, which was a signe of his mercie.

4 e Abusing Gods lenitie & his promises, they flattered them selues as thogh God wolde euer by merciful, and not vtterly destroy them: therefore they hardened them selues in sinne, til at length the beastes and insensible creatures felt the punishment of their stubberne rebellion against God.

5 f Some thinke that God reproueth Jeremiah in that, that he wolde reason with him saying, that if he were not able to matche with men, that he were farre vnable to dispute with God. Others, byt the fote men, meane them of Anathoth, & by the horse men them of Jerusalem, which shulde trouble the Prophet worse thn his owne countrey men did.

7 g God willeth the Prophet to denounce his judgements against Jerusalem, not withstanding that they shal bothe by threatnings and flatteries labour to put him to silence.

7 ! The jewes are forsaken of the Lord.

8 h Euer ramping and raging against me and my Prophets.

9 i In stead of bearing my linerey & wearing onely my colours, they haue change and diuersitie of colours of their idoles & supersititions therefore their enemies, as thicke as the foules of he ayre, shal come about them to destroy them.

10 k He prophecieth of the destruction of Jerusalem by the captaines of Nebuchadnezzar, whom he calleth pastors.

10 ! He speaketh against pastors and preachers, that seduce the people.

11 l Because no man regardeth my worde, or the plagues that I haue sent vpon the land.

13 n They lamented the sinnes of the people.

13 o For in stead of amendment you grewe worse & worse as Gods plagues testified.

14 ! The Lord threatneth destruction vnto the nacions, that troubled Judah.

14 p Meaning the wicked enemies of his Church which blasphemed his name, & whome he wolde punish after that he hathe deliuered his people.

15 q After that I haue punished the Gentiles, I wil haue mercie vpon them.]

16 s Read {Chap. 4,2}.

16 t They shal be of the nomber of the faithful, and haue a place in my Church.