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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 14

1 / Or, restreins.

1 ! Of the dearth that shulde come.

2 b The worde signifieth to be made blacke, and so is here taken for extreme sorowe.

5 d Meaning, that the brute beast for drought were compelled to forsake their young, contrarie to nature, & to go seke water, which they colde not finde.

6 e Which are so hote of nature, that thei can not be couled with drinking of water, but stil gape for the aire to refresh them.

7 ! The prayer of the people asking mercie of the Lord.

7 f He sheweth the onely way to remedie God's plagues, which is by vnfained confession of our sinnes, and returning to him by repentance.

9 h As one that hathe strength to helpe, & yet is afraid to put his hande.

12 ! Of prayer, fasting, and of false prophetes that seduce the people.

13 k He pitieth the people, & accuseth the false prophetes, which deceiued them: but the land answered, that bothe the Prophetes, which deceiued, and the people, which suffred them selues to be seduced, shal perish, {Chap. 23, 15 & 27, 21 & 29, 8}

17 l The false prophets promised peace, & assurance, but Jeremiah calleth to teares, and repentance for their affliction, which is at hand, as {Chap. 9, 1, lament. 1, 16 & 2, 18}.

18 m Bothe hie, & lowe shalbe led captiues into Babylon.

19 n Thogh the Prophet knew that God had cast of the multitude, which were hypocrites, and bastard children, yet he was assured that for his promes sake he wolde haue stil a Church, for the which he prayeth.

20 o He teacheth the Church a forme of prayer, to humble them selues to God by true repentance, which is the onelie meane to auoide this famine, which was the beginning of Gods plagues.

22 p Meaning, their idoles, read {Chap. 10, 35}.