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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 4

1 a That is, wholy, & without hypocrisie, {Joel. 2, 12}, not dissembling to turne & serue God as they do which serue him by halues, as {Hos. 7, 16}

1 ! True repentance

2 b Thou shalt detest the name of idoles, {Psal. 16, 4} & shalt with reuerence sweare by the lyuing God, when thine othe may aduance Gods glorie, & profite others, & here, by swearing he meaneth the true religion of God.

4 ! He exhorteth to the circumcision of the heart.

4 c He willeth them to plucke vp the impietie and wicked affection and worlde is respectes out of their heart that the true sede of Gods worde may be sowen therein, {Hos. 10, 12} and this is the true circumcision of the heart, {Deut. 10, 16} {rom, 2, 29} {col. 2, 11}

5 d He warneth them of the great dangers that shal come vpon them by the Caldeans, except they repent, and turne to the Lord.

5 ! The destruction of Judah is prophecied, for the malice of their hearts.

6 e He speaketh this to admonish them of the great danger when euery man shal prepare to saue him self, but it shal be to late {2 King. 25, 4}.

7 f Meaning Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon {2 King 24, 1}.

9 g That is, the false prophetes which stil prophecied peace and securitie.

10 h By the false prophetes, which promised peace and tranquillitie: and thus thou hast punished their rebellious stubernes by causing them to hearken vnto lies, which wolde not beleue thy trueth {2 King 22,23. ezek. 14, 9. 2 thess 2, 11}.

11 i The North winde wereby he meaneth Nebuchadnezzar.

11 k But to cary away bothe corne and chaffe.

13 l Meaning, that Nebuchadnezzar shulde come as suddenly, as a cloude that is caryed with the winde.

13 m This is spoken in the persone of all the people who in their affliction shulde crye thus.

15 n Which was a citie in the vtmost border of Israel. Northward toward Babylon.

15 o Which was in the midway betwene Dan and Jerusalem.

17 p Which kepe the frutes so ??? -reitly, that notheing can come in nor out: so shulde the Babylonians compasse Judah.

19 q He sheweth that the true ministers are liuely touched with the calamities of the Church, so that all the partes of their bodie fele the grief of their heart, albeit with zeale to Gods glorie thei pronounce his judgements against the people.

20 r Meaning the cities, which ere as easely cast downe as a tent.

22 s Their wisdome and policie tende to their owne destruction, and pulleth them from God.

23 t By these maner of speaches he sheweth the horrible destruction that shulde come vpon the land, and also condemneth the obstinacie of the people, who repent not at the feare of these terrible tydings, seing that the insensible creatures are moued therewith, as if the order of nature shulde be changed, {Isa. 13, 10 and 24, 23 ezek. 32, 7 joel. 2,31 & 3, 15}

27 u But for his mercie sake he wil reserue him selfe a residue to be his Church, and to praise him in earth, {Isa. 2,9}.

30 x Nether thy ceremonies nor riche gyftes shal deliuer thee.

31 y As the Prophetes were noued to pitie the destruction of their people, so thei declard it to the people to moue them to repentance, {Isa 22, 4} {chap. 9}