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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 3

1 d And I wil not cast thee of, but receiue thee, according to my mercie.

1 c That is, with idoles, & with them, whome thou hast put thy confidence in.

1 ! God calleth his people vnto repentance.

1 b If he take suche one to wife againe.

2 e Which dwelleth in tents & waiteth for them that passe by to spoyle them.

3 g Thou woldest neuer by ashamed of thine actes & repent: & this impudencie is commune to idolaters, whic wil not giue of, thogh they be neuer so manifestly conuicted.

4 h He sheweth that the wicked in their miseries wil crye vnto God and vse outward praier as the godlie do, but because they turne not from their euil, they are not heard, {Isa. 18, 41}.

8 k And gaue her vnto the hands of the Assyrians.

9 l The Ebrew worde may ether signifie lightnes & wantonnes, or noise and brute.

10 ! He reproueth Judah & Israel, comparing them to a woman disobedient to her housband.

10 m Judah fayned for a time as that shd did returne, as vnder Josiah and other good Kings, but she was neuer truely touched, or wholy reformed, as appeared when occasion was offred by any wicked price.

11 n Israel hathe not declared her self so wicked, as Judah, which yet hathe had more admonicions and examples to call her to repentance.

12 o Where as the Israelites were now kept in captiuitie by the Assyrians, to whome he promiseth mercie, if they wil repent.

13 p There was no way, which thou didst not pante to seke after the idoles, and to trot a pilgrimage.

14 ! He promiseth the restitucion of his Church.

16 q This is to be vnderstand of the comming of Christ: for then they shal not seke the Lord by ceremonies, & all figures shal cease.

17 r Meaning the Church, where the Lord wil be present to the worldes end, {Mat. 28, 20}

20 t The Ebrewe worde signifieth a friend or companion & here may be taken for a housband, as it is vsed also, {Hoseah. 3,1}.

21 u Signifying, that God, whome they had forsaken, wolde bring their enemies vpon them, who shulde lead them captiue and amek them to crye and lament.

22 x This is spoken in the persone of Israel to the same of Judah, which staied so long to turne vnto God.

24 y For their idolatrie Gods vengeance hathe light vpon them & theirs.

25 z They justifie not themselues, or say that they wolde follow their fathers, but condemne their wicked doings and desire for giuenes of the same, {1 Ezra. 9, 7} as {psal. 106, 6}. {isa. 64, 6}.