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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Jeremiah 5

1 ! InJudah no righteous man found nether among the people nor the rulers.

1 a That is, the citie.

2 b Thogh they pretend religion and holines, yet all is but hypocrisie for vnder this kinde of searing is conteined the true religion

3 c Doest not you loue vprightnes and faithful dealing?

3 d Thou hast oft times punished them, but all is in vayne, {Isa. 9, 13}

5 e He speaketh this to the reproche of them which shulde gouerne and teache others, & yet are farther out of the way then the simple people.

7 g He sheweth that to sweare by any thing then by God, is to forsake him.

10 h He commandet ??? the Babylonians and enemies to destroye them.

10 i Read {Chap. 4, 27}.

12 k Because thei gaue no credit to the wordes of his Prophetes, as {Isa. 28,15}.

13 l Their wordes shalbe of non effect, but vaine.

13 m Thei are not sent of the Lord, & therefore that which thei threaten to vs, shal come vpon them.

15 ! Wherefore Judah is destroied of the Caldeans.

18 q Here the Lord declareth his vnspeakeable fauour toward his Church, as {Chap. 4,27}.

25 s If there be anie stay, that we receiue not gods blessings in abundance, we must donsider that it is for our owne iniquities, {Isa. 59, 1}

31 u Meaning, that there colde be nothing but disorder where the ministers were wicked persones & corrupt.

31 / Or, beare rule.