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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 63

1 b God answereth them that asked this question, Who is this? &c. and saith, Ye se now prformed in dede the vengeance, which my Prophetes threatned.

1 ! God shal destroy his enemies for his Churches sake.

1 a This prophecie is against Idumeans and enemies which persecuted the Church, on whome God wil take vengeance, and is here set forthe all bloody after that he hathe destroyed them in Bozrah, the chief citie of the Idumeans: for these were their greatest enemies, and vnder the title of circumcision and the kinred of Abraham claimed to them selues the chief religion, and hated the true worshippers, {Psal. 137,7}.

2 c Another question to the which the Lord answereth.

4 d Shewing, that when God punisheth his enemies, it is for the profite and deliuerance of his Church.

5 e God sheweth that he hathe no nede of mans helpe for the deliuerance of his, and thogh men refuse to do their duetie through negligence, & ingratitude, yet he him self wil deliuer his Church, and punish the enemies, read {cha. 59, 16}.

6 f I wil so astonie them and make them so giddy, that they shal not knowe, which way to go.

7 g The Prophet speaketh this to moue the people to remember Gods benefites in times past, that they may be confirmed in their troubles.

7 ! Gods benefites towards, his Church.

8 h For I did chuse them to be mine, that they shulde be holy, & not deceiue mine expectation.

9 k Which was a witnes of Gods presence: and this may be referred to Christ, to whome belongeth the office of saluation.

11 l That is, the people of Israel being afflicted, called to remembrance Gods benefites, which he had bestowed vpon their fathers in times past.

11 m Meaning Moses.

11 n That is, in Moses that he might wel gouerne the people: some referre this giueing of the Spirit to the people.

11 i He bare their afflictions and griefs as thogh they had bene his owne.

13 o Peaceably and gently, as an horse is led to his pasture.

15 q Thy great affection which thou barest towards vs.

15 p Hauing declared Gods benefites shewed to their forefathers, he turneth him self to God by prayer, desiring him to continue the same graces toward them.

15 r Meaning from the whole bodie of the Church.

16 s Thogh Abraham wolde refuse vs to be his children, yet you wilt not refuse to be our father.

17 t By taking away thy holie Spirit from vs, by whome we were gouerned, and so for our ingratitude didest deliuer vs vp to our owne concupiscence, & didest punish sinne by sinne according to thy juste judgement.

17 u Meaning, for the couenants sake made to Abraham, Izhak & Jaakob his seruants.

18 x That is, in respect of the promes, which is perpetual: albeit thei had now possessed the land of Canaan, a thousand & foure hundreth yere: and thus theyu lament, to moue God rather to remember his couenant then to punish their sinnes.