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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 62

1 a The Prophet saith that he wil neuer cease to declare vnto the people the good tydings for their deliuerance.

1 b Til they haue ful deliuerance: and this the Prophet speaketh to incourage all other ministers to the setting forth of Gods mercies toward his Church.

2 c Thou shalt haue a more excellent fame then thou hast had hitherto.

3 a The great desire that the Prophetes haue had for Christs comming.

3 d He shal esteme thee as dere & prcious as a King doeth his crowne.

4 e Thou shalt no more be contemned as a woman forsaken of her housband.

4 / Or, my delite in her.

4 / Or, maried.

5 g For as mcuhe as thei confesse one faith & religion with thee, thei are in the same bond of mariage with thee: and thei are called the children of the Church, in asmuch as Christ maketh her plentiful to bring forthe children vnot him.

6 i He exhorteth the ministers neuer to cease to call vpon God by praier for the deliuerance of his Church and to teache others to do the same.

6 ! The diligence of the Pastors to preache.

6 h Prophets, pastors, and ministers.

7 k For the resauration whereof all the worlde shal praise him.

10 l Signifying the great nomber that shulde come to the Church, & what meanes he wolde prepare for the restitution of the same, as {Chap. 57, 14}.

11 m Ye Prophets and ministers shew the people of this their deliuerance: which was chiefly ment of our saluacion by Christ, {Zach. 9,9}, {mat. 21,5}

11 n He shal haue all power to bring his purpose to passe as {Chap 40,10}.

12 o That is, one ouer whome God hathe had a singular care to recouer her when she was lost.