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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 64

1 a The Prophet continueth his prayer, desiring God to declare his lour toward his Curch by miracles, and mightie power as he did in mount Sinai.

2 b Meaning, the raine, haile, fyre, thunder, & lightenings.

2 ! The Prophet prayeth for the sinnes of the people.

4 c S. Paul vseth the same kinde of admiration, {1 Cor. 2,9}, marueling at Gods great benefite shewed to his Church by the preaching of the Gospel.

5 f That is, in thy mercies, which he calleth the waies of the Lord.

5 e Thei considered thy great mercies.

5 f That is, in thy mercies, which he calleth the waies of the Lord.

5 g Thou wilt haue pitie vpon vs.

5 d Thou shewedst fauour toward our fathers, when thei trusted in thee, and walked after thy commandements.

6 h We are justely punished & broght into captiuitie, because we haue prouoked thee to angre, and thogh we wolde excuse our selues, yet our righteousnes, & best vertues are before thee as vile cloutes, or (as some read) like the menstrous clothes of a woman.

6 ! Mans righteousnes is like a filthy cloth.

8 i Albet o Lord, by thy just judgement thou maiest vtterly destroye vs, as the potter may his pot, yet we appeale to thy mercies, whereby it hathe pleased thee to adopt vs to by thy children.

9 k For so the flesh judgeth when God doeth not immediatly send succor.

10 l Which were dedicat to thy seruice and to call vpon thy Name.

12 n That is, at the contempt of thine owne glorie thogh our sinnes haue deserued this, yet thou wilt not suffer thy glorie thus to be diminished.