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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 61

1 ! He prophecyeth that Christ shalbe anointed and sent to preache.

1 a This apperteineth to all the Prophetes and ministers of God, but chiefly to Christ, or whose abundance grace euerie one reciueth according as it pleaseth him to distribute.

1 b To them that are liuely touched with the feeling of their sinnes.

1 c Which are in the boundage of sinne.

2 d The time when it pleased God to shewe his good fauour to man, which S. Paul calleth the fulnes of time, {Gal. 4,4}.

2 e For when God deliuereth his Church, he punisheth his enemies.

3 g Trees that bring forthe good frutes, as {Mat. 3, 8}

5 i Thei shalbe readie to serue you in all your necessities.

6 k This is accomplished in the time of Christ, by wome all the faithful are made Priests and Kings, {1 Pet. 2, 9. revel. 1,6, & 3, 10}.

6 l Read {Chap. 60,16, & chap. 60, 11}.

7 p Where as the Gentiles had dominion ouer the Jewes in times past, now they shal haue double autoritie ouer them and possesse twise so muche.

7 o To wit, of the Gentiles.

7 n That is, the Jewes.

7 m Abundance recompence, as this worde is vsed, {Chap. 40, 2}.

8 q I wil not receiue their offring, which are extorsioners, deceiuers, hypocrites, or that depriue me of my glorie.

10 s He sheweth what shalbe the affections, when they sele this their deliuerance.