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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 60

1 a The time of thy prosperitie and felicitie: where as speaking of Babylon he commanded her to go downe {Chap. 47,1}.

2 b Signifying that all men are in darknenes til God giue them the light of his Spirit, and that this light shineth to none buy to those that in his Church.

3 c Meaning, that Judea shulde be as the morning starre & that the Gentiles shulde receiue light of her.

3 ! The Gentiles shal come to the knowledge of the Gospel.

4 d An infinite nomber from all contreis, as {Chap. 49,18}

5 e for joye, as the heart is drawen in for sorowe.

6 f Meaning, that euery one shal honour the Lord with that, wherewith he is able: signifying that it is no true seruing of God, except we offer our selues to serue his glorie, & all that we haue.

7 g That is, the Arabians, that haue great abundance of cattel.

7 h Because the altar was a figure of Christ, {Ebr. 13,10}: he sheweth that nothing can be acceptable to him, which is not offred to him by this altar, who was bothe the offring and the altar it self.

8 i She ving what great nomber shal come to the Church & with what great diligence and zeale.

9 k The Gentiles that are now enemies, shal become friends & setters forth of the Church.

10 l Meaning, Cyrus and his successors: but chiefly this is accomplished in them that serue Christ being conuerted by his Gospel.

12 m He sheweth that God hathe giuen all power & autoritie here in earth for the vse of his Church: and that they which wil not serue and profit the same, shal be destroied.

13 n There is nothing so excellent which shal not serue the necessitie of the Church.

13 o Signifying, that Gods majestie is not included in the temple, which is but the place for his fete, that we may learne to rise vp to the heauens.

14 p To worship their head Christ by obeying his doctrine.

16 ! They shal haue abundance, thogh they suffer for a time.

16 q Bothe hie and lowe shal be readie to helpe and succour thee.

17 r Thy gouernours shal loue thee and seke thy wealth and prosperitie.

18 s Meaning, not a temporal felicitie, but a spiritual, which is fulfilled in Christs kingdome.

19 t Signifying that all worldelie meanes shal cease, & that Christ shalbe all in all, as {Reuel. 21, 22 & 22,5}.

22 x Meaning, that the Church hsulde be miraculously mulitplied.