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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 59

1 ! The wicked perish through their owne iniquities.

4 c According to their wicked deuises, they hurt their neighboures.

4 b All men ??? at the injuries & opressions, & none go about to remedie them.

5 d Whatsoeuer cometh from them, is poyson and bringeth death.

5 e Thei are profitable to no purpose.

9 f That is, Gods vengeance to punish our enemies.

9 g Gods pretection to defend vs.

10 h We are altogether destitute of counsel and can find no end of our miseries.

11 i We exress our sorowes by outwarde signes, some more some lesse.

12 k This confession is general to the Church to obetine remission of sinnes, & the Prophetes did not exempt them selues from the same.

14 m There is nether justice nor vprightnes among men.

16 ! God alone wil preserue his Church, thogh all men faile.

16 o Meaning, to do justice & to remedie the things that were so fare out of order.

16 p That is his Church: or his arme did helpe it self, and did not seke aide of any other.

17 q Signifying that God hathe all meanes at hand to deliuer his Church, and to punish their enemies.

18 r To wit, your enemies, which dwel in diuers places, and beyonde the sea.

19 s He sheweth that there shalbe great affliction in the Church, but God wil euer deliuer his.

20 t Whereby he declareth that the true deliuerance from sinne & Satan belongeth to none, but to the children of God, whome he justifieth.

21 u Because the doctrine is made profitable by the vertue of the Spirit, he joyneth the one with the other, and promiseth to giue them bothe to his Church for euer.