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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 58

1 a The Lord thus speaketh to the Prophet, willing him to vse all diligence & seueritie to rebuke the hypocrites.

2 b They wil sime to worship me and haue outward holines.

2 ! The workes of the hypocrites.

3 c He setteth forthe the malice and disdaine of the hypocreies, which grudge against God, if their workes be not accepted.

3 d Thus he conuinceth the hypocrites by the seconde table & by their duetie toward their neighbour that thei haue nether faith nor religion.

4 e So long as you vse countemnion & oppression, your fasting & praier shal not be heard.

6 ! The fast of the faithful.

7 g For in him thou seest thy self as in a glasse.

8 h That is, the prosperous estate, wherewtih God wil blesse thee.

8 i The testimonie of thy goodnes shal appeare before God & man.

10 m Thine aduersitie shalbe turned into prosperitie.

12 n Signifying that of the Jewes shulde come suche, as shuld buylde againe the ruines of Jerusalem & Judea: but chiefly this is ment of the spiritual Jerusalem: whose buylders were the Apostles.

13 o If thou resfaine thy self from thy wicked workes.

13 ! Of the true Sabbath.