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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 57

1 a From the plague that is at hand, & also because God wil punish the wicked.

1 ! God taketh awaie the good, that he shulde not se the horrible plauges to come.

2 b The soule of the righteous shal be in joye & their bodie shal rest in the graue vnto the time of the resurrection, because thei walked before the Lord.

3 c He threateneth the wicked hypocrites, who vnder the pretence of the name of Gods people derided Gods worde & his promises: boasting openly that thei were the children of Abraham, but because they were not faithful & obedient as Abraham was, he called them bastords, & the children of sorcerers, which forsoke God and fled to wicked meanes for succour.

6 f In the sacrifices which you, offring before these idoles, thoght you did serue God.

6 e Meaning, euerie place was polluted whith their idolatrie: or euerie faire stone that they founde, thei made an idole of it.

7 g To wit, thine altars, in an open place like an impudent harlot that careth not for the sight of her housband.

8 i That is, didest increase thine idolatrie, more and more.

8 h In stead of setting vp the worde of God in the open places on the postes & dores to haue it in remembrance, {Deut 6, 9} & {27,1}. thou hast set vp signes and markes of thine idolatrie in euerie place.

9 k Thou didest seke the fauour of the Assyrians by giftes and presents, to helpe thee against the Egyptians: & when thei failed, you soughtest to the Babylonians & more and more didest torment they self.

10 l Althogh you sawest all thy labours to be in vaine, yet woldest you neuer acknowledge thy faute & leaue of.

10 m He derideth their vnprofitable diligence which thoght to haue made all sure, & yet were deceiued.

11 o Meanin, that the wicked abuse Gods lenitie & growe to farther wickednes.

12 p That is, thy naughtines, idolatries & impieties: which the wicked call Gods seruice: thus he derideth their obstinacie.

13 q Meaning, the Assyrians & other, whose helpe thei loked for.

16 s I wil nor vse my power against fraile man whose life is but a blast.

17 t That is, for the vices & fautes of the people, which is ment here by couetousnes.

18 u Thogh thei were obstinat, yet I did not withdraw my mercie from them.

19 x That is, I frame the speache & wordes of my messengers which shal bring peace.

19 y As wel to him that is in captiuitie as to him that remaineth at home.

20 z Their euil conscience doeth euer torment them & therefore they can neuer haue rest, read {Cha. 48,22}.