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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 51

1 a He comforteth the Church, that thei shulde not be discouraged for their smale nomber.

1 b That is, to Abraham of whome ye were begotten & to Sarah of whome ye were borne.

4 d I wil rule, & gouerne my Church by worde, and doctrine.

5 f My power, and strength.

6 g He forewarneth them of the horrible changes & mutations of all things, & how he wil preserue his Church in the middes of all these dangers.

9 h He putteth them in temebrance of his great benefite for their deliuerance out of Egypt htat thereby they might learne to trust in him constantly

9 i Meaning Egypt {Psal 27,4}.

9 k To wit, Pharaoh, {Exe 29,3}.

14 m He comforteth them by the short time of their banishement: for in seventie yeres they were restored and the greatest empire of the worlde destroyed.

16 n Meaning, of Isaiah, and of all true ministers, who are defended by his protection.

16 o That all things may be restored in heauen, and earth, {Ephes 1,10}

17 ! The great affliction of Jerusalem, & her deliuerance.

17 p Thou hast bene justely punished and sufficiently, as {Chap 40,2} and this punishement in the elect is by measure, & according as God giueth grace to beare it: but in the reprobatre it is the just vengeance of God to driue them to an insensiblenes & madnes, as {Jerem. 25, 15}.

19 q Whereof the one is outward, as of the things that come to the body: as warre & famine: & the other is inward, & apperteineth to the minde: that is, to be without comfort: therefore he saith, how shalt thou be comforted?