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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 52

1 a No wicked tyrant which shal subuert Gods true religion & oppresse the consciences.

2 b Put of the garments of sorowe & heauines, & put on the apparel of joy & gladnes.

3 c The Babylonians paied no thing to me for you: therefore I wil take you againe without ransome.

4 e The Egyptians might pretend some cause to oppresse my people because thei went thether and remained among them, but the Assyrians haue no title to excuse their tyrannie by: and therefore wil I punish them more then I did the Egyptians.

5 f To wit, by the wicked, wihch thinke that I haue no power to deliuer them.

7 g Signifying that the joye and good tidings fo their deliuerance shulde make their affliction in the meane time more easy: but this is chiefly ment of the spiritual joy, as {Nah 1,15} {rom. 10,35}.

8 h The Prophets which are thy watchmen shal publish this thy deliuerance: this was begon vnder Zerubbabel, Ezra, & Nehehiah, but was accomplished vnder Christ.

10 i As ready to smite his enemies & to deliuer his people.

11 k He warneth the fairhful not to pollute them selues with the superstitions of the Babylonians, as {Chapt 48, 20}, {2 Cor 6,17}

11 l For the time is at hand, that the Priests and Leuites, chiefly (and so by them all the people which shalbe as Leuites in this office) shal cary home theressels of the Temple, which Nebuchadnezzar had taken away.

13 n Meaning, Christ by whome our spiritual deliuerance shulde be wroght, whereof this was a signe.

14 q In signe of reuerence, and as being astonished at his excellencie.

14 o In the corrupt judgement of man Christ in his persone was not estemed.

14 p He shal spread his word through manie nations.