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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 50

1 c Signifying that he solde them not for anie det or pouertie, but that they solde them selues to sinnes to bie their owne lustes & pleasures.

1 b Which shulde declare, that I haue cut her of: meaning, that they colde shewe none.

1 a Meaning, that he had not forsaken her but through her owne occasion as {Hosea 2,2}.

1 ! The Jewes forsaken for a time.

2 d He came by his Prophetes and ministers but thei wolde not beleue their doctrine and conuert.

2 e Am I not as able to helpe you, as I haue holpen your fathers of olde. when I dryed vp the red Sea, and killed the fish in the riuers, & also afterwarde in Jorden?

2 ! Yet the power of GOd is not disminished.

3 f As I did in Egypt in token of my displeasure, {Exod 10,21}.

4 g The Prophet doeth represente here the persone and charge of them that are justely called to the ministerie of Gods worde.

4 h To him that is oppressed by affliction and miserie.

4 i As they that are taught, and made mete by him.

6 k I did not shrinke from God for anie persecution or calamitie. Whereby he shwewth, that the true ministers of God can loke for none other recompence of the wicked but after this sorte and also what is their comfort.

10 l Shewing that it is a rare thing that anie shlde obey aright Gods true ministers, thogh they labour to bring them from hel to heauen.

11 m You haue soght consolation by your owne deuises, & haue refused the light, and consolation, which God hathe offred: therefore ye shal remaine in sorowe, and not be comforted.