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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 49

1 ! The Lord exhroteth all nacions to beleue his promises.

1 a This is spoken in the persone of Christ to assure the faithful, that these promises shulde come to passe: for they were all made in him, and in him shulde be performed.

1 b This ment of the time, that Christ shulde be naifested to the worlde, as Psal 2,7.

2 c By the sworde, and shafte, he signifieth the vetue and efficacie of Christs doctrine.

2 d God hathe taken me to his protection and defnece: this chiefly is ment of Christ, and may also be applied to the ministers of his worde.

3 e By Israel is ment Christ, & all the body of the faithful as the members and their head.

4 f Thus Christs in his members complaineth, that his labour, and preaching take none effect, yet he is contented, that his doings are approued of God.

5 g Thogh the Jewes refuse my doctrine, yet God wil approue my ministerie.

6 ! Christ is the saluacion of all that belue, and wil deliuer them from the tyrannie of their enemies.

6 h To declare my Gospel to the Gentiles, {Cha. 42,6} {act 13,47}, {luk 2,31}.

7 k The benefit of their deliuerance shalbe so great, that great & smale shal acknowledge it, & reuerence God for it.

8 l Thus he speaketh of his Church, when he wolde shew his mercie toward it, {2 Cor. 6,2}.

8 m Meaning, Christ alone.

8 n Signifying, that before Christ renue the earth by his worde, there is nothing, but confusion & disorder.

9 o To them that are in the prison of sinne, & death.

9 p Being in Christs protection, they shal be safe against all dangers, & fre from the feare of the enemies.

10 q Meaning, that there shulde be nothing in their way from Babylon, that shulde hinder or hurt them: but this is accomplished spiritually.

12 r Meaning, the South countrey so that Christ shal deliuer his from all the partes of the worlde.

14 t He obiectheth what the faithful might say in their long affliction, and answereth thereunto to comfort them, with a most proper similitude, and ful of consolation.

16 x Meaning, that good order of policie & discipline.

17 y I haue a continual care to buylde thee vp againe, & to destroye thine enemies.

18 z He sheweth what are the ornaments of the Church: to ahue manie children, which are assembled by the worde of God & gouerned by his Spirit.

22 a He sheweth, that Christ wil not onely gather this great nomber of the Jewes, but also of the Gentiles.

23 b Meaning, that Kings shalbe conuerted to the Gospel and bestow their power, & autoritie for the preseruation of the Church.

23 c Being joyned with the Church, they shal humble themselues to Christ their head, and giue him all honour.

24 d He maketh this as an objection, as thogh the Chaldeans were strong, & had them in juste possession.

25 e This is the answer to their objection that none is stronger then the Lord, nether hathe a more juste title vnto them.

26 f I wil cause them to destroye one another, as {Jud, 7,22} {2 Chro. 20,22} {chap 19,2}.