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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 48

1 a He decrieth their hypocrisie, which vanted them selues to be Israelites & were not so in dede.

1 b Meaning, the fountaine and stocke.

2 c They make a shew, as thogh they wolde haue none other God.

3 d He sheweth that thei colde not accuse him in anie thing, for asmuche as he had performed whatsoeuer he had promised.

4 e I haue done for thee more then I promised, that thy sutbbernes and impudencie might haue bene ouercome.

5 f How you shuldest be deliuered out of Babylon.

6 g Wil he not acknowledge this my benefite & declare it vnto others?

7 h Shewing that mans arrogancie is the cause why God doeth not declare all thing sat once, lest thei shuld attribute this knowledge to their owne wisdome.

8 i From that thime that I broght thee out of Egypt: for that deliuerance was the birth of the Church.

9 k As it was my fre mercie that I did chuse thee: so is it my fre mercie that must saue thee.

10 l For I had respect to thy weakenes and informitie: for in siluer there is some purenes, but in vs there is nothing, but drosse.

10 m I toke thee out of the fornace where thou shuldest haue bene consumed.

11 n God joyneth the saluacion of his with his owne honour: so that they can not perish, but his glorie shulde be diminished, as {Deut. 32:27}.

11 o Read {Chap. 42,8}.

13 q To obey me & to do whatsoeuer I commande them.

14 r Meaning, Cyrus, whome he had chosen to destroy Babylon.

16 s Since the time that I declared my self to your fathers.

16 t Thus the Prophet speaketh for him self & to assure them of these things.

20 y After that he had forewarned them of their captiuitie, and of the cause thereof, he sheweth them the great joye, that shal come of their deliuerance.

21 z He sheweth that it shalbe as easy to deliuer them, as he did their fathers out of Egypt.

22 a Thus, he speaketh that the wicked hypocrites shulde not abuse Gods promes in whome was nether faith, nor repentance, as {Chap. 57,21}.