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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 47

1 ! The destruction of Babylon and the causes wherefore.

1 a Which hath liued in wealth, & wantonnes, and hast not uet bene ouercome by any enemie.

1 b Thy gouernement shalbe taken from thee.

2 c Thou shalt be broght to moste vile seuitude; for to turne the mille was the office of slaues.

2 d The things wherein she setteth her greatest pride shal be made vile, euen from the head to the fote.

3 e I wil vse no humanitie nor pitie toward thee.

4 f The Israelites shal confesse, that the Lord doeth this for his Church sake.

6 h Thei abused Gods judgements thinking that he punished the Israelites, because he wolde vtterly cast them of and therefore in stead of pitying their pisterie, thou didist increase it.

9 h So that thy punishment shalbe so great, as is possible to be imagined.

10 k Thou didest thinke that thine owne wisdome & policie wolde haue saued thee.

12 l He derideth their vaine confidence, that put their trust in any thing, but in God, condemning also suche vaine sciences, which serue to no vse, but to delude the people and to bring them from depending onely in God.

14 m They shal vtterly perish and no parte of them remaine.

15 n They shal flee euery one to that place, wihch he thoght by his speculacions to be moste sure: but that shal deceiue them .