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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 41

1 a God, as thogh he pleade his cause with all nacions, requireth silence that he may be heard in his right.

1 b That is gather all their power & supportes.

2 c Who called Abraham (who was the paterne of God justice in deliuering his Churche) from the idolatrie of the Chaldeans to go to and fro at his commandment, & placed him in the land of Canaan?

4 d Who hathe created man & mainteined his succession.

4 e Thogh the worlde set vp neuer so manie gods, yet they diminish nothing of the glorie: for I am all one, vnchangeable, which haue euer bene, and shalbe for euer.

5 g They assembled them selues, and conspired against me to mainteine their idolatrie.

5 f Considering mine excellent workes among my people.

6 h He noteth the obstinacie of the idolaters to mainteine their superstitions.

6 ! Their idolatrie.

8 i And therefore oghtest not to pollute thy self with the supersticion of the Gentiles.

10 k That is, by the force of my promes in the performance whereof I wil shew my self faithful and juste.

14 m Thus he calleth them because they were contemned of all the worlde, & that they considering their owne poore estate, shulde seke vnto him for helpe

15 n I wil make thee able to destroye all thine enemies, be they neuer so mightie: and this chiefly is referred to the kingdome of Christ.

17 o That is thei that shalbe afflicted in the captiuitie of Babylon.

18 p God wil rather change the order of nature, then they shulde want anie thing that cry to him by true faith in their miseries: declaring to them hereby that they shal lacke nothing by the way, when they returne from Bablyon.

20 q That is, hathe appointed & determined that it shal come so to passe.

21 r He biddeth the idolaters to proue their religion, and to bring forthe their idoles, that they may be tryed whether thei knowe all things, and can do all things: which if they can not do, he concludeth that they are no gods, but vile idoles.

24 s So that a man can not make an idole, but he must do that which God detesteth, and abhorreth: for he chuseth his owne deuises, and forsaketh the Lords.

25 u That is, Cyrus, who shal do all thing in my Name, & by my direction: whereby he meaneth that both their captiuitie, and deliuerance shal be ordered by Gods prouidence and appointement.

25 t Meaning, the Chaldeans.

26 y Meaning, that none of the gentiles gods can worke anie of these things.

27 z That is, the Israelites, which returne from the captiuitie.

27 a To wit, a continual succession of Prophetes & ministers.

28 b When I loked whether the idoles colde do these things, I founde that they had nether wisdome nor power to do anie things: therefore he concludeth that all are wicked, that trust in such vainitie.