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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 40

1 a This is a consolacion for the Church, assuring them that their shal be neuer destitute of Prophets, whereby he exhorteth the true ministers of God, that them were & those also that shulde come afterhim, to comfort the poore afflicted, and to assure them of their deliuerance bothe of body and soule.

1 ! Remission of sinnes by Christ.

2 c Meaning, sufficient, as chpa. 61,7 & ful correction, or double grace where as she deserued double punishment.

2 b The time of her affliction.

3 f Meaning, Cyrusa and Darius which shulde deliuer Gods people out of captiuitie, and make them a ready way to Jerusalem: & thhis was fully accomplished, when John the Baptist broght tidings of Jesus Christs coming, who was the true deliuerer of his Church from sinne and Satan, {Mat. 3,3}.

3 e That is, in Babylon, and other places where they were kept in captiuitie, and miserie.

3 ! The comming of John Baptist.

3 d To wit, of the Prophetes.

4 g Whatsouer may let or hinder this deliuerance, shalbe remoued.

6 i The vouce of God, which spake to the Prophete Isaiah.

6 k Meaning, all mans wisdome and natural powers, {John 1, 10}, {1Pet 1,24}.

7 l The Spirit of God shal discouer the vanitie in all that seme to haue anie excellencie of them selues.

8 m Thogh considering the frailtie of mans nature manie of the Jewes shulde perisn & so not be partakers of this deliuerance, yet Gods promise shulde be fulfilled, & they that remained, shulde fele the frute thereof.

9 n To publish this benefite through all the worlde.

9 o He sheweth at one worde the perfection of all mans felicitie, which is to haue Gods presence.

10 p His power shalbe sufficient without helpe of anie other, and shal haue all meanes in him self to bring his wil to passe.

11 q He shal shewe his care & fauour ouer them that are weake, and tender.

12 r Declaring that as God onely hathe all power so doeth he use the same for the defence, and maintenance of his Church.

13 s He sheweth Gods infinite wisdome for the same end and purpose.

17 t He speaketh all this to the intent that they shulde nether feare man nor put their trust in anie, saue onely in God.

18 ! The Prophet reproueth the idolaters and them that trust not in the Lord.

18 u Hereby he armeth them against the idolatrie, wherewith they shulde be tempted in Babylon.

20 x He sheweth the rage of the idolaters seing that the poore that haue to to suffise their owne necessities, wil defraude them selues to serue their idoyles.

21 y Haue ye not the worde of God, which plainely condemneth idolatrie?

21 z Can you not learne by the visible creatures whome God hathe made to serue vse, that you shuld not serue them nor worship them?

24 a So that his power appeareth in euerie place wheresoeuer we turne our eyes.

26 b Who hathe set in order the infinit nomber of the starres.

27 c He rebuketh the Jewes, because thei did not rec on the prouidence of God, but thoght that he had forsaken them in their troubles.

28 d And therefore all power is in his hand to deliuer when his time cometh.

28 e Shewing that man must paciently abide, & not curiously seke out the cause of Gods delay in our afflictions.

30 f They that trust in their owne vertue, and do not acknowledge that all cometh of God.