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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 39

1 b Partely moued with the greatnes of the miracle, partely because he shewed him self enemie to his enemies, but chiefly, bucause he wolde joine with them whome God fauoured, and haue their helpe, if occasion serued.

1 ! Hezekiah is reproued, because he shewed his treasures vnto the ambassadours of Babylon.

1 a This was the first King of Babylon, which ouercame the Assyrians in the tenth yere of his reigne.

4 d He asketh him of the particulers to make him vnderstand the craft of the wicked, which he before being ouercome with their flatterie, and blinded with ambition colde not se.

6 e By the grieuousnes of the punishment is declared how greatly God detesteth ambition & vaine glorie.