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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 42

1 c He onely is acceptablevnto me & they that come vnto me by him, for there is no nother meanes of reconciliation, {Mat. 12,18} {eph. 1,4}

1 d He shal declare him self gouernour oure the Gentils, & call them by his worde and rule them by his Spirit.

1 b For I haue committed all my power to him, as to a moste faithful steward. Some read, I wil establish him: to wit, in his office, by giuing him the fulnes of my Spirit.

1 a That is, Christ, who in respect of his manhode is called here seruant The Prophetes vse to make mencion of Chirst after that thei haue declared anie great promes, because he is the fundacion whereupon all the promises are made & ratified.

1 ! The obedience and humilitie of Christ.

2 e His coming shal not be with pompe and noise, as earthlie princes.

3 h Althogh he fauour the weake yet wil he not spare the wicked, but wil judge them according to trueth and equitie.

3 f He wil not hurt the weake and feble, but support & comfort them.

3 g Meaning the weke of a lampe, or candel which is almost out, but he wil cherish it and snoffe it, that it may shine brighter.

4 k The Gentiles shalbe desirous to receiue his doctrine.

6 l Meaning, vnto a lawful and just vocation.

6 m To assist and guid thee.

6 n As him, by whome the promise, made to all nations in Abraham shal be fulfilled.

8 o I wil not suffer my glorie to be diminished: which I shuld do, if I were not faithful in performing the same, and the idolaters thereby wolde extol their idoles aboue me.

9 p As in time past I haue bene true in my promises, so wil I be in time to come.

11 q Meaning the Arabians, vnder whome he comprehendeth all the people of the East.

11 ! The vocation of the Gentiles.

13 r He sheweth the zeale of the Lord, and his power in the conseruation of his Church.

14 s I wil hauste to execute my vengeance, which I haue so long differed, as a woman that desireth to be deliuered when she is in trauail

16 t That is, my poore people, which are in perplexitie & care.

19 u To wit, Israel, which shulde haue moste light because of my Law.

19 x The Priest to whome my worde is committed, which shulde not onely heare it him self, but cause others to heare it.

19 y As the Priests & Prophetes that shulde be lights to others?

22 z Because thei wil not acknowledge this benefite of the Lord, who si ready to deliuer them he suffreth them to be spoiled of their enemies through their owne faute and incredulitie.

22 a There shal be none to succour them, or to wil the enemie to restore that which he hathe spoiled.