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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 28

21 b Whete Joshua discomfited fiue Kings of the Amorites, {Josh 10,12}

21 a When Dauid ouercame the Philistims, {2 Samuel 5,20}, {1 Chron. 14,11}.

25 c As the plowe man hathe his appointed time, and diuers instruments for his labour, so ahthe the Lord for his vengeance: for he punisheth some at one time, and some at another, some after one sorte and some after another, so that his chosen sede is beaten, and tryed, but not borken, as are the wiicked.

1 b Because the Israelites for the most parte dwelt in plentiful valleis, he meaneth here by the valley of them, that had abundance of worldelie prospertie, & were, as it were, crowned therewith, as with garlands.

1 a Meaning, the proude kingdome of the Israelites, which were dronken with worldly prosperitie.

1 ! Against the pride & dronkenes of Israel.

2 c He semeth to meane the Assyrains, by whome the ten tribes were caryed away.

4 d Which is not of long continuance, but is sone ripe, & first eaten.

5 e Signifying, that the faithful, which put not their trust in anie worldely prospertie, but made God their glorie, shalbe preserued.

6 f He wil giue consel to the gouernour, & strength to the captaine, to driue the enemies in at their owne gates.

7 g Meaning, the hypocrites, which were among them, & were all together corrupt in life & doctrine, which is here ment by dronkenes & vomiting.

9 ! The vntowardnes of them that shulde learne the worde of God.

9 h For there was none that was able to vnderstand anie good doctine: but were foolish, & as vnmete as yong babes.

11 k Let one teache what he can, yet they shal no more vnderstand him, then if he spake in a strange language.

12 m This is the doctrine, whereupon ye oght to stay & rest.

12 n Shewe to them that are wearie and haue nede of rest what is the true rest.

12 l That is, the Prophet, whome God shulde send.

13 o Because thei wil not receiue the worde of God, when it is offred, it commeth of their owne malice, if after their hearts be so hardened, that they care not for it, as before {Chap. 6,9}.

15 p They thoght they had shiftes to auoid Gods judgements, and that they colde escape thogh all other perished.

15 q Thogh the Prophetes condemned their idoles, & vainitie, yet the wicked thoght in them sleues that thei wolde trust in these things.

16 r That is, Christ by whome all the buylding must be tryed, and vpholden, {Psal. 18,22}, {Mat. 21,42}, {act. 4,11}, {rom. 9,31}, {I Pet. 2,6}.

16 s He shal be quiet, and seke none other remedies, but be content with Christ.

17 t In the restitution of his Church, judgement, and justice shal reigne.

17 u Gods corrections and affliction.

17 x Affliction shal discouer their vaine confidence, which they kept secret to them selues.

19 y Terrour and destruction shal make you to learne that, witch exhortations and gentlenes colde not bring you vnto.

20 z Your affliction shalbe so sore, that you are not able to endure it.