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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 27

1 a At the time appointed.

1 b That is, by his mightie power and by his worde. He prophecieth here of the destruction of Satan and his kingdome vnder the name of Liuiathan, Asshur and Egypt.

2 c Meaning, of the best wine, which this vineyarde, that is the Church, shulde bring forthe as moste agreable to the Lord.

2 ! And of the joye of the Church for their deliuerance.

4 d Therefore he wil destroy the kingdome of Satan, because he loueth his Church for his owne mericies sake, & can not be angrie with it, but wisheth that he may powre his angre vpon the wicked infideles, whome he meaneth by briers & thornes.

5 e He marueleth that Israel wil not come by gentlenes, except God make them to fele his roddes, & so bring them vnto him.

6 f Thogh I afflict & diminish my people for a time, yet shal the rote spring againe & bring forthe in great abundance.

7 g He sheweth that God punisheth his in mercie, & his enemies in justice.

8 h That is, thou wilt not destroie the rote of thy Church thogh the branches thereof sme to perish by the sharpe winde of affliction.

9 i He sheweth that there is no true repentance, nor ful reconciliacion to God, til the heart be purged from all idolatrie, and the monuments thereof destroyed.

10 k Notwithshtanding his fauour that he wil shewe them after, yet Jerusalem shalbe destroyed, and grasse for cattel shal growe in it.

11 l God shal not haue nede of mightie enemies: for the verie women shal do it to thier great shame.

12 m He shal destroy all from Euphrates to Nilus: for some fled toward Egypt, thinking to haue escaped.

13 n In the time of Cyrus, by whome they shulde be deliuered: but this was chiefly accomplished vnder Christ.