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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 29

1 a The Ebrewe worde Ariel signifieth the lyon of God. & signifieth the altar semed to deuoure the sacrifice that was offred to God, as {Ezek. 42,16}

1 b Your vaine confidence in your sacrifices shal not last long.

2 c Your citie shalbe ful of blood, as an altar whereon they sacrifice.

4 d Thy speache shalbe no more so loftie, but abased, & low as the very charmers, which are in lowe places, and whisper, so that their voyce can scarse be heard.

5 e Thine hired souldiers, in whome you trustest, shalbe destroyed as dust or chaffe in a whirlewinde.

7 f The enemies which I wil bring to destroye thee, and that, which thou makest thy vaine trust, shal come at vnwares, euen as a dreame in the night. Some read, as if this were a comfort to the Church for the destruction of their enemies.

9 h Muse hereon as long as ye list, yet shal ye finde nothing, but occasion to be astonied: for your Prophetes are blinde, and therefore can not direct you.

11 i Meaning, that it is all alike, ether to read, or not to read, except God open the heart to vnderstand.

13 k Because thei are hypocrites & not syncere in heart, as {Mat. 15,8}.

13 l That is, their religion was learned by mans doctrine, & not by my worde.

13 ! The vengeance of God on them that followe the traditions of men.

14 m Meaning, that where as God is not worshiped according to his worde, both magistrates, and ministers are but fooles, & without vnderstanding.

15 n This is spoken of them which in heart despised Gods worde, & mocked at the admonitions, but outwardly bare a good face.

16 o For all your craft, saith the Lord, you can not be able to escape mine hands no more then the claye, that is in the portters hands, hathe power to deliuer itself.

17 p Shal there not be a change of al things? and Carmel, that is a plentiful place in respect of that it shalbe then, may be taken, as a forest, as {Chap. 32,15} & thus he speaketh to comfort the faithful.

21 q They that went about to finde faute with the Prophetes wordes, and wolde not abide admonitions, but wolde intangle them and bring them into danger.

24 r Signifying, that except God giue vnderstanding, & knowldege, man can not but stil erre, and murmure against him.