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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 26

1 ! A song of the faithful, wherein is declared, in what consisteth the saluacion of the Church, and wherein they oght to trust.

1 a This song was made to comfort the faithful, when their captiuitie shulde come, assuring them also of their deliuerance, for the which they shulde sing this song.

1 b Gods protection and defence shal be sufficient for vs.

2 c He assureth the godlie to returne after the captiuitie to Jerusalem.

3 d Thou hast decreed so, & thy purpose can not be changed.

5 e There is no power so hie, that can let God, when he wil deliuer his.

6 f God wil set the poore afflicted ouer the power of the wicked.

8 g We haue constantly abiding the aduersities where with thou hast afflicted vs. (???)

9 h Meaning that by afflictions men shal learne to feare God.

10 i The wicked thogh God shewe them euident signes of his grace, shalbe neuer the better.

11 k Through enuie & indignacion against thy people.

11 l The fyre & vengeance, wherewith thou doest destroye thine enemies.

13 m The Babylonians, which haue not gouerned according to thy worde.

14 n Meaning, that the reprobat, euen in this life shal haue the beginning of euerlasting death.

15 o To wit, the companie of the faithful by the calling of the Gentiles.

16 p That is, the faithful by thy roddes were moued to pray vnto thee for deliuerance.

18 r Our sorowes had none end, nether did we enoye the comfort, that we loked for.

18 s The wicked and men without religion were not destroyed.

19 t He comforteth the faithful in their afflictions, shewing them that euen in death trhey shal haue life: and that they shulde moste certeinly rise to glorie: the contrarie shulde come to the wicked, as {verse 14}.

19 u As herbes, dead in winter, florish agine by the raine in the spring time: so thei that lie in the dust, shal rise vp to ioye when thei fele the dewe of Gods grace.

20 x He exhroteth the faithful to be pacient in their afflictions, and to waite vpon Gods worke.

21 y The earth shal vomit & cast out the innocent blood, which it hath drunke, that it may crye for vengeance against the wicked.