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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 25

1 ! A thankesgiuing to God in that that he sheweth him self judge of the worlde, by punishing the wicked & mainteining the godlie.

1 a Thus the Prophet giueth thankes to God, because he wil bring vnder subjection these nacions by his corrections, & make them of his Church, which before were his enemies.

2 b Not onely of Jerusalem but also of these other cities, which haue bene thine enemies.

2 c That is, a place where as all vagabondes may liue without danger, and as it were, at ease, as in a palace.

3 d The arrogant and proude, which before wolde not knowe thee, shal by thy corrections fear & glorifie thee.

4 e The rage of the wicked is furious, til God breake the force thereof.

5 g As a cloude shadoweth from the heat of the sunne, so shal God aswage the rejoycing of the wicked against the godlie.

5 f Meaning, that as the heat is abated by the raine, so shal God bring downe the rage of the wicked.

6 h To wit, in Zion, whereby he meaneth his Church, which shulde vnder Christ be assembled of the Jewes and the Gentiles, and is here describe vnder the figure of a costely banker, as {Mat. 22,2}.

7 i Meaning that ignorance and blindenes, whereby we are kept backe from Christ.

8 k He wil take away all occasions of sorow & fil his with perfite joye, {Reuel 7,17} & {Reuel 21, 14}.

10 l By Moab are ment all the enemies of his Church.

10 m There were two cities of this name: one in Judah, {1 Chron. 2, 49}, another in the land of Moab, {Jere 48,2}, which semeth to haue bene a plentiful palce of corne, {Chap. 10, 31}.