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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 24

1 ! A prophecie of the curse of God for the sinnes of the people.

1 a This prophecie is as a conclusion of that, which hathe bene threatened to the Jewes & other nacions from the {13 Chap.}:& therefore by the earth he meaneth those lands which were before named.

2 b Because this was a name of dignitie, it was also applied to them, which were not of Aarons famile, & so signifieth also a man of dignitie, as {2 Sam 8, 18} and {2 Sam 20, 25} {1 Chron. 18,17} and by these wordes the Prophet signifieth an horrible confusion, where there shalbe nether religion order nor policie, {Hosea 4,9}.

5 c That is, rendreth not her frute for the sinne of the people, whome the earth deceiued of their nouriture, because they deceiued God of his honour.

6 d Writen in the Law, as {Leu 26,14}, {deut. 28,16}, thus the Prophets vsed to applie particularly the menaces, and promises which are general in the Law.

6 e With heat and drought, or els, that they were consumed with the fyre of Gods wrath.

10 f Which as it was without ordre, so now shulde it be broght to desolacion and confusion: and this was not onely ment of Jeruslame, but of all the other wicked cities.

11 g Because thei did not vse Gods benefites aright, their pleasures shulde faile, and they fall to mourning.

13 h He comforteth the faithful, declaring that in this great desolacion the Lord wil assemble his Church, which shal praise his name, as {Chap 10, 22}.

13 ! A remnant reserued, shal praise the Lord.

14 i From the vtmost coastes of the worlde, where the Gospel shal be preached, as {vers 16}.

16 l I am consumed with care, considering the affliction of the Church, bothe by foren enemies & domestical. Some read, my secret, my secret: that is, it was reueilded to the Prophet, that the good shulde be preserued & the wicked destroyed.

16 k Meaning, to God, who wil publish his Gospel through all the worlde.

18 m Meaning, that Gods wrath, and vengeance shulde be ouer & vnder them: so that thei shuld not escape no more then thei did at Noahs flood.

21 n There is no power so high or mightie, but God wil visite him with his roddes.

22 o Not with his roddes, as {vers. 21}, but shalbe comforted.

23 p When God shal restore his Church, the glorie thereof shal so shine and his ministers (which are called his ancient men) that the siunne and the moone shal be darke in comparison thereof.