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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 23

1 a Read {Chap 13, 1}.

1 b Ye of Cilicia that come thether for marchandise.

1 c Tyrus is destroied by Nebuchadnezzar.

1 d By Chittim thei ment all the yles and countreis Westward from Palestina.

1 e All men knowe of this destruction.

3 g Meaning, the corne of Egypt which was fed by the ouer flowing of Nilus.

4 h That is, Tyrus, which was the chief port of the Sea.

4 i I haue no people left in me, and am as a baren woman that neuer had childe.

5 k Because these two countreis were joined in league together.

6 l Tyrus willeth other marchants to go to Cilicia and to come no more there.

10 n Thy strength wil no more serve thee: therefore flee to other countries for succour.

12 o For Tyrus was neuer touched nor afflicted before.

12 p Because Tyrus was buylt by them of Zidon.

13 q The Chaldeans which dwelt in tentes in the wildernes, were gathered by the Assyrians into cities.

13 r The people of Chaldeans destroyed the Assyrians: whereby the Prophet meaneth, that seing the Chaldeans were able to ouercome the Assyrians, which were so great a nation, much more shal these two nations of Chaldea & Assyria be able to ouerthrowe Tyrus.

15 u Shal vse all craft and subultie to entise men againe to her.

15 t Tyrus shal lie destroied 70 yeres, which he calleth the reigne of one King, or a mans age.

16 x She shal labour by all meanes to recouer her first credit, as an harlot when she is long forgotten, seketh by all meanes to enterteine her louers.

17 y Thogh she haue bene caastised of the Lord, yet she shal returne to her olde wicked practices, & for gaine shal giue her self to all mens lusts like an harlot.

17 ! A promise that it shal be restored.

18 z He sheweth that God yet by the preaching of the Godspel wil call Tyrus to repentance, & turne her heart from auarice and filthie gaine vnto the true worshiping of God and liberalitie toward his Saints.