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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 22

1 ! He prophecieth of the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar.

1 a Meaning, Judea, which was compassed about with mountaines, and was called the valley of visions, because of the Prophetes, which were alwaise there, whome thei named seers.

1 b He speaketh to Jerusalem whose inhabitants were fled vp to the house toppes for feare of their enemies.

2 c Which wast wonte to be ful of people and joye.

2 d But for hungre.

4 f Which haue fled from other places to Jerusalem for succour.

4 g He sheweth what is the duetie of the godlie, when Gods plagues hang ouer the Church, and specially of the ministers, {Jer. 19,1}.

5 h That is, the showte of the enemies whome God had appointed to destroy the citie.

6 i He putteth them in minde how God deliuered them once from Saneherib, who broght the Persians & Cyrenians with him, that thei might by returning to God auoyed that great plague which they shulde els suffer by Nebuchadnezzar.

8 k The secret place where the armuor was: to wit, in the house of the forest, {1 King. 2}.

9 l Ye fortified the ruinous palces, which were neglected in time of peace: meaning the whole citie & the citie of Dauid which was within the compasse of the other.

10 m Ether to pul downe suche as might hurt, or els to knowe what men thei were able to make.

11 o To God that made Jerusalem: that is, thei trusted more in these worldely meanes then in God.

13 p In stead of repentance ye were joyful & made great chere, contemning the admonitions of the Prophetes, saying, Let vs eat and drinke: for our Prophetes say, that we shal dye to morowe.

15 q Because the Ebrew worde doeth also signifie one that doeth nourish & cherish, there are of the learned that thinke, that this wicked man did nourish secret frendship with the Assyrians and Egyptians, to betray the Church and to prouide for him self against all dangers: in the meane season he packt craftely & gate of the best offices into his hand vnder Hezekiah euer aspring to the hiest.

16 r Meaning, that he was a stronger and came vp of nothing.

16 s Where as he thoght to make his name immortal by his famous sepulchre, he dyed moste miserably among the Assyrians.

18 t Signifying that whatsoeuer dignitie the wicked atteine vnto, at length it wil turne to the shame of those Princes, by whome thei are preferred.

20 u To be steward againe, out of the which office he had bene put by the craft of Shebna.

22 x I wil commit vnto him the ful charge & gouernement of the Kings house.

23 y I wil establish him & confirme him in his officer: of this phrase read {Ezra 9,9}

24 z Meaning that bothe smale & great that shal come of Elikim, shal haue praise & glorie by this faithful officer.

25 a He meaneth Shebna, who in mans judgement shulde neuer haue fallen.