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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 21

1 ! Of the destruction of Babylon by the Persians and Medes.

1 a On the sea side betwene Judea & Chaldea was a wildernes, whereby he meaneth Chaldea.

1 b That is the ruine of Babylon by the Medes, and Persians.

2 c The Assyrians and Chaldeans, which had destroyed other nations, shal be ouercome of the Medes & Persians, and this he prophecied an hundreth yere before it came to passe.

2 d By Elam he meaneth the Persians.

2 e Because thei shal finde no succour, they shal mourne no more, or, I haue caused them to cease mourning, whome Babylon had afflicted.

3 f This the Prophet speaketh in the persone of the Babylonians.

4 g He prophecieth the death of Belshazar as {Dan 5, 30} who in the middes of his pleasures was destroyed.

5 h Whiles they are eating, and drinking they shalbe commanded to runne to their weapons.

6 i To wit, in a vision by the spirit of prophecie.

7 k Meaning charets of men of warre, and others that caryed the baggage.

9 m The watchman, whome Isaiah set vp, tolde him, who came toward Bablyon, and the Angel declared that it shulde be destroyed: all this was done in a vision.

10 / Ebr., (???).

11 o Which was a citie of the Ishmaelites & was so named of Dumah, {Gen. 25, 4}.

11 p A mountaine of the Idumeans.

12 q He describeth the vnquietnes of the people of Dumah, who were night and day in feare of their enemies, and euer ran to and fro to enquire newes.

13 r For feare, the Arabians shal flee into the woods, and he appointeth what way thei shal take.

14 s Signifying that for feare they shal not tary to eat or drinke.

16 t He appointeth them respit for one yere only and then they shulde be destroied.

16 u Read {Chap. 16, 14}.

17 x Which was the name of a people of Arabia: and by the horrible destruction of all these nations, he teacheth the Jewes that there is no place for refuge or to escape Gods wrath, but onely to remaine in his Church, and to liue in his feare.