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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 18

1 a He meaneth that parte of Ethiopia, which lieth toward the sea, which was so ful of shippes that the seales (which he compareth to wings) semed to shadow the sea.

1 ! Of the enemies of the Church.

2 d To wit, the Jews, who because of Gods plagues made all other nacions afraid of the like, as God threatened, {Deu. 28,37}.

2 b Which in those countreis were great: in so muche as they made shippes of them for swiftenes.

2 c This may be taken that they sent other to comforte the Jewes, and to promise them helpe against their enemies, and so the Lord did threaten to take away their strength, that the Jewes shulde not trust therein: or that they did solicite the Egyptians, & promised them aide to go against Judah.

3 f When the Lord prepareth to fight against the Ethopians.

4 g I wil stay a while from punishing the wicked.

4 h Which two seasons are moste profitable for the riping of frutes: whereby he meaneth, that he wil seme to fauour them, & giue them abundance for a time, but he wil suddenly cut them of.

6 i Not onely men shal contemne them, but the brute beasts.

7 k Meaning, that God wil pitie his Church, and receiue that little remnant as an offring vnto him self.

7 ! And of the vocation of the Gentiles.