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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 17

1 ! A prophecie of the destruction of Damascus and Ephraim.

1 a Read {Chap. 13, 1}.

1 b The chief citie of Syria.

2 c It was a countrey of Syria by the riuer Arnon.

3 d It semeth that the Prophet wolde comfort the Church in declaring the destruction of these two Kings, of Syria & Israel, when as they had conspired the ouerthrowe of Judah.

3 e The ten tribes gloried in their multieude, and alliance with other nacions: therefore he saith that they shal be broght downe and the Syrians also.

4 f Meaning of the ten tribes, which boasted them selves of their nobilitie, prspertie, strength & multitude.

5 g As the abundance of corne doeth not feare the haruest men that shulde cut it downe: no more shal the multitude of Israel make the enemies to shrike, whome God shal appoint to destroye them.

6 i Because God wolde haue his couenant stable, he promiseth to reserue some of this people, and to bring them to repentance.

7 k He sheweth that Gods corrections euer bring forthe some frute, and cause his to turne from their sinnes, and to humble them selues to him.

9 l As the Canaanites lesft their cities, when God did place the Israelites there, so the cities of Israel shal no more be able to defened their inhabitants, then busshes, when God shal send the enemie to plague them.

10 m Which are excellent, and broght out of other countreys.

11 n As the Lord threatneth the wicked in his Law, {Leuit. 26, 16}.

12 o The Prophet lamenteth, considering the horrible plague that was prepared against Israel by the Assyrians, which were infinite in nomber, and gathered of many nacions.

13 p He addeth this for the consolation of the faithful, which were in Israel.

14 q He compareth the enemies the Assyrians to a tempest, which riseth ouer night, and in the morning is gone.