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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 19

1 b Because the Egyptians trusted in the defense of their countrey, in multitude of their idoles, & in the valiantnes of their men, the Lord sheweth that he wil come ouer all their munitions in a swift cloude, and that their idoles shal tremble at his comming, and that mens hearts shal faint.

1 ! The destruction of the Egyptians by the Assyrians.

1 a Read {Chap. 13, 1}.

2 c As he caused the Ammonites, Moabites, and Idumeans to kil one another, when thei came to destroye the Church of God, {2 Chron. 20,22} {Chap 49,26}.

5 e He sheweth that the sea & Nilus their great riuer, whereby thei thoght them sleues most sure, shulde not be able to defent them from his angre, but that he wolde send the Assyrians among thm that shulde kepe them vnder as sclaues (???).

6 f For Nilus ran into the sea by seuen streames, as thogh they were manie riuers.

7 g The Ebrewe worde is mouth, whereby they meane the spring, out of the which the water gusheth as out of a mouth.

8 h The Scriptares vse to describe the destruction of a countrey by taking away of the commodities thereof, as by vines, flesh, fish, and suche other things whereby countreis are enriched.

11 i Called also Tanes, a famous citie vpon Nilus.

11 k He noteth the flatters of Pharaoh: who persuaded the King that he was wise, and noble, and that his house was most ancient, and so he flattered him self, saying, I am wise.

13 l Or Memphis, others Alexandria, and now called the great Caira.

13 m The principal vuholders thereof are the chiefest cause of their destruction.

14 n For the spirit of wisdome he hathe made them droken & giddie with the spirit of errour.

15 o Nether the great nor the smale, the stong nor the weake.

17 p Considering that through their occasion the Jewes made not God their defence, but put their trust in them, & were therefore now punished, they shal feare lest the like light vpon them.

18 s Meaning of six cities fiue shulde serue God, and the sixt remaine in their wickednes: & so of the sixt parte there shulde be but one lost.

18 q Shal make one confession of faith with the people of God: by the speache of Canaan meaning, the language, where in God was then serued.

18 ! Of their conuersion to the Lord.

18 r Shal renounce their supersticions & protest to serue God a right.

19 t There shalbe euident signes & tokens. that Gods religion is there: which maner of speach is taken of the Patriarkes and ancient times, when God had not as yet appointed the place, and ful maner how he wolde be worshiped.

20 u This declareth that this prophecie shulde be accomplished inthe time of Christ.

21 x By these ceremonies he comprehendeth the spiritual seruice vnder Christ.

23 y By these two nacions, which were then chief enemies of the Church, he sheweth that the Gentiles, & the Jewes shulde be joyned together in one faith and religion, and shulde be all one folde vnder Christ their shepherd.