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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 15

1 b The chief citie, whereby the whole countrey was ment.

1 ! A prophecie against Moab.

2 c The Moabites shal flee to their idoles for succour, but it shalbe to late.

2 d Which were cities of Moab.

2 e For as in the West partes the people vsed to let their heere growe long, when they mourned, so in the East partes they cut it of.

5 f The Prophet speaketh this in the persone of the Moadbites, or as one that felt, the great judgement of God that shulde come vpon them.

5 g Meaning, that it was a citie that euer liued in pleasure, and neuer flet sorowe.

5 h He describeth the miserable dissipation, and flight of the Moabites.

9 i So that by no meanes they shulde escape the hand of God: thus wil God punish the enemies of his Church.

9 k Of them that are slaine.