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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 16

1 a That is, offer a sacrifice whereby he derideth their long delay, which wolde not repent when the Lord called them, shewing them that it is now to late, seing the vengeance of God is vpon them.

1 ! The causes wherefore the Moabites are destroyed.

3 c He sheweth what Moab shulde haue done, when Israel their neighbour was in affliction, to whome because they wolde giue no shadowe nor comfort, they are now left comfortles.

4 d The Assyrians shal oppresse the Israleites but for a while.

6 f Their vaine confidence, & proude bragges shal deceiue them, as {Jer. 48,2}.

7 g For all your mourning, yet the citie shalbe destroyed, euen vnto the foundations.

8 i Meaning, that the countrey of Moab was now destroyed and all the precious things thereof were caried into the borders, yea, into other countreys, and ouer the sea.

9 l The enemies are come vpon thee, and showte for joye, when they carte thy commodities from thee, as {Jer 48,33}.

9 k He sheweth that their plague was so great, that it wolde haue moued anie man to lament with them, as {Psal. 14,15}.

12 n They shal vse all meanes to seke helpe of their idoles & all in vain: for Chemoz their great god shal not be able to helpe them.

14 o He appointed a certeine time to punish the enemies in.

14 p Who wil observe justely the time, for the which he is hyred, & serve no longer, but wil euer long for it.