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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 14

1 a He sheweth why God will hast to destroy his enemies: to wit, because he wil deliure his Church.

1 b Meaning, that the Gentiles shalbe joyned with the Churche and worship God.

1 ! The returne of the people from captiuitie.

2 c Signifying that the Jewes shuld be superiours to the Gentiles, & that thei shulde be broght vnder the service of Christ by the preaching of the Apostles, whereby all are broght to the subjection of Chirst, {2 Co 10,5}.

6 d That is, he suffred all violence and injuries to be done.

7 e Meaning, that when tyrants reigne, there can be no rest nor quietnes, and also how detestable a thing tyranie is, seing, the insensible creatures haue occasion to rejoyce at their destruction.

9 f As thogh thei feared lest thou shuldest trouble the dead, as you didest the lyuing: and here he derideth the proude tyrannie of the wicked, which knowe not that all creatures wish their destruction that they maie rejoyce.

11 g In stead of thy costly carpets and couerings.

11 ! The death of the King.

12 h Thou that thoghtest thy self most glorious, and as it were, placed in the heauen: for the morning starre, that goeth before the sunne, is called lucifer to whome Nebuchadnezzar is compared.

13 i Meaning Jerusalem, whereof the Temple was on the North side, as {Psal. 48, 2}, whereby he meaneth that tyrants fight against God when thei persecute his Church, and wolde set themsleues in his place.

17 l To set them at libertie: noting his cruelitie.

19 m Thou wast not buryed in the sepulchre of thy fathers thy tyrannie was so abhorred.

21 n He calleth to the Medes and Persians and all those that shulde execute Gods vengeance.

25 o As I haue begone to destroy the Assyrians in Saneherib, so wil I countinue, & destroye them wholy. when I shal deliuer you from Babylon.

25 p From the Jewes.

29 r He willeth the Philistims not to rejoyce because the Jewes are diminished in their power: for their strength shal be greater then euer is was.

30 s The Israelites, which were broght to moste extreme miserie.

30 t To wit, my people.

31 u That is, from the Jewes, or Assyrians: for they were bothe North from Palestina.

31 x But they shalbe all ready, and joine together.

32 y Which shal come to enquire of the state of the Church.

32 z Thei shal answer, that the Lord doeth defend his Church, & them that joyne them selves thereunto.