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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 10

1 aWhich write and promnounce a wicked sentence to oppress the poore: meaning that the wicked magistrates, which were the chief cause of mischief, shulde be first punished.

3 c Your riches & autoritie, that thei maie be saue, and that ye maie receiue them againe.

4 d Because thei haue forsaken me, some shal go into captiuitie, and the rest shalbe slaine.

5 ! God wil punish his people by the Assyrians and after destroie them.

5 e God calleth for the Assyrians to be the executioners of his vengeance.

6 f That is, the Assyrians against the Jewes, which are but hypocrites: & in this sixt and seuenth verse is declared the difference of the worke of God & of the wicked in one verie thing and acte: for Gods intnetion is to chastice them for their amendment, and the Assyrians purpose is to destroied them to enriche them selves: thus in respect of God justice, it is Gods worke, but in repect of their owne maiice, it is the worke of the deuil.

9 g Seing that I haue ouercome, aswel one citie as another, so that none colde resist, shal Jerusalem by able to escape mine hands?

12 h When he hathe sufficiently chastised his people (for he beginneth at his owne house) then wil he burne the roddes.

12 i Meaning, of Saneherib.

15 k Here we se that no creature is able to do anie thing, but as God appointeth him, & that they are all but his instruments to do his worke, thogh the intentions be diuerse, as ver 6.

17 l Meaning, that God is a light to comfort his people, & a fyre to burne his enemies.

17 m That is, the Assyrians.

18 o When the battel is lost and the standerd taken.

20 p That is the end of Gods plagues towards his, to bring them to him and to for sake all trust in others.

22 q This smale nomber, which semed to be consumed, and yet according to Gods decre is saued, shalbe sufficient to fil the whole world with righteousness.

23 r God wil destroye this land as he hathe determined, and after saue a smale protion.

26 u When the Israelites passed through by the lifting vp of Moses rod, & the enemies were drowned, Exod. 14,28.

27 x Because of the promes made to that kingdome, whereby Christs kingdome was prefigured.

28 y He describeth by what way the Assyrians shulde come against Jerusalem to confirme the faithful, when it shulde come to passe, that as their plague was come so shulde thei be deliuered.

33 z Feare & destruction shal come vpon Judah: for the princes and the people shal all be led awaie captiues.