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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 9

1 b Wherewith Israel was punished, first by Tiglath-pilesar, which was a ligh scoure in respect of that which thei suffred, afterward by Shalma-neser, who caried the Israelites awaie captiues

1 c Where as the Jewes & Gentiles, dwelt together by reason of those twentie cities, which Salomon giue to Hyram.

1 a He comforteth the Churche againe after these greate threatnings, promising to restore them to great glorie in Messiah.

1 ! The vocation of the Gentiles.

2 f This captiuitie & deliuerance were figures of our captiuitie by sinne, and of our deliuerance by Christ through the preaching of the Gospel, {Mat 4,15}.

2 d Which were captiuein Babylon: & the Prophet speaketh of that thing, which shulde come to passe threscore yeres after, as thogh it were now done.

3 g Their nomber was greater when thei went into captiuitie then when thei returned, but their joye was greater at their returne, {Hag. 2,10}.

4 h Thou gauest them perfite joye, by leliuering them & by destroying the tyrants that had kept them in cruel bondage, as thou didst deliuer them by Gidion from the Midianites, {Judg 7,22}.

5 i He speaketh of the deliuerance of his Church, which he hathe deliuered miraculously from his enemies, but specially by the comming of Christ, of whome he prophecieth in the next verse.

6 k The autor of eternitie, and by whome the Church and euerie member thereof shalbe preserved foreuer, and haue immortal life.

8 m This is another prophecie against them of Samaria, which were mockers and contemners of Gods promises and menaces.

10 n We were but weake, when the enemie ouercame vs, but we wil make our sleues so strong, that we wil neither care for our enemies, nor feare Gods threatenings.

11 o Rezin King of Syriah, who was in league with Israel, was slaine by the Assyrians, after whose death Aram, that is, the Syrians were against Israel, which on the other side were assailed by the Philistims.

14 ! The destruction of the ten tribes for their prided and contempt of God.

18 p Wickednes as a bellowse kindleth the fyre of Gods wrath, which consumeth all his obstinate enemies.

19 q Thogh there were no foren enemie, yet thei shal destroy one another.

20 r Their griedines shal be insatiable, so that one brother shal eat vp another, as thogh he shulde eat his owne flesh.