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Geneva Bible Notes (1560): Isaiah 8

1 b Meaning after the commune facion: because all men might read it.

1 a That you maiest write in great letters to the intent it may be mote easely red.

1 ! The captiuitie of Israel & Judah by the Assyrians.

2 c Because the thing was of great importance, he toke ahese, to witnesses, which were of credit with the people, when he set this vp vpon the dore of the temple, albeit vriah was a flattering hypocrite, {2 Kings 16,11}.

3 d Meaning, to his wife, & this was done in a vision.

3 / Or, Make spede to the spoile: hast to the pray.

4 e Before anie childe be able to speake.

6 g Which was a fountaine at the forte of mount Zion, out of the which ran a smale riuer through the citie: meaning that they of Judah, distrustig their owne power, which was smale, desired such power and riches as they sawe in Syria and Israel.

6 ! The infidelitie of the Jewes.

7 h That is, the Assyrians, which dwel beyonde Euphrates.

8 k He speaketh this to Messiah, or Christ, in whome the faithul were comforted, and who wolde not suffer his Churche to be destroied vtterly.

8 i It shalbe ready to drowne them.

9 l To wit, ye that are enemies to the Church, as the Assyrians, Egyptians, Syrians, &c.

11 m To encourage me that I shulde not shrinke for the infidelitie of this people, and so neglect mine office.

12 n Consent not ye that are godlie, to the league & friendship that this people seke with strangers & idolaters

12 o Meaning, that thei not feare the thing that thei feared, which haue not hope in God.

13 p In putting your trust onely in him, in calling vpon him in adversitie, patiently loking for his heple, and fearing to do anie thing contrarie to his wil.

14 ! Christ the stone of stombling to the wicked.

14 q He wil defend you which are his, elect & reject al the rest, which is ment of Christ against whome the Jewes shuld stomble and fall, {Luke 2,34, Rom. 9,33, 1Pet. 2,7}.

16 r Thogh all forsake me, yet ye that are mine, kepe my worde sure sealed in your hearts.

18 t This was a consolation in their troubles, knowing that nothing colde come vnto them, but by the wil of the Lord.

18 s Meaning, them that were willing to heare and to obeie the worde of God, whome the worlde hated as thogh thei were monsters and not worthie to liue.

19 u Answer the wicked thus, Shulde not Gods people seke succour onely at him?

19 x That is, wil thei refuse to be taught of the Prophet who is the mouth of God, and seke helpe at the dead, which is the illusion of Satan.

19 ! The worde of God must be inquired at.

20 y Seke remedie in the worde of God where his wil is declared?

20 z Thei haue no knowledge, but are blinde leaders of the blinde.

21 a That is, in Judah where thei shulde haue had rest, if thei had not thus greuously offended God.

21 b In whome afore thei put their trust.

22 c Thei shal thinke that heauen and earth & all creatures are bent against them to rrouble them.